Iris Row
Merlot Mood Bearded Iris
Beverly Sills Bearded Iris
Merlot Mood Bearded Iris

Common name:Merlot Mood Bearded Iris
Botanical name:Iris bearded 'Merlot Mood'

This vigorous, dramatic deep deep wine red is one of the first irises to bloom each year. Vigorous, erect foliage. Shipped all year. Hybridized by the late Jay Conklin.

Beverly Sills Bearded Iris

Common name:Beverly Sills Bearded Iris
Botanical name:Iris bearded 'Beverly Sills'

Famous ruffled reblooming peach/pink. Performs best if replanted every year or two.

Designer: Carole Kent

Iris Row

Photographer: GardenSoft

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